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Dear Parents,

Due to the increase of damage to our limousines during the prom season, we feel it is necessary that the parents as well as the young adults using the vehicles, understand that the limousine must return in the same condition as when it arrived. Leggs Limo Service enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy that applies to the following:

Drinking and Drugs: Neither are permitted, if alcohol or drugs are found in the possession of any passenger, or are found to have been consumed prior to service, Leggs Limo Service reserves the right to terminate service immediately. No refund will be given. Our obligation will be limited to assuring that a parent/guardian has been contacted and the limousine will not leave until a parent/guardian has arrived.

Smoking is Prohibited.

Sickness: If a passenger gets sick in the limousine, there is a cleaning fee of $250.00 due, in cash, upon drop-off.

Abuse: Our chauffeurs are not there to take abuse. If there is any such treatment, the parent/guardian will be contacted and arrangements will be made either to continue or terminate the charter. The moon roof and privacy divider will not be in operation.

Inspection: Parents/guardian have the right to inspect the limousine upon its arrival. Upon drop-off, the limousine will be inspected by the chauffeur. Any damages will be noted and acknowledged by the client. All costs for repairs or replacement will be the responsibility of the client. A fee will be charged for cleanup that exceeds the normal use of the limousine. The chauffeur has the right to inspect all bags to be placed in the vehicle.

We want everyone to have a great time and we have found out that if every one understands the ground rules before the night starts, there are less problems as the night goes on.

Thank you for your understanding.

A credit card is necessary to cover any damages. The credit information is held and will only be charged in the event of damage to the vehicle.

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